Second 90s Night

June 9, 2008

Well the second 90s night went well, everyone had a good time and we played some real good tunes.

So it has been decided now, the 1st Saturday of every month will be a 90s only night, requests taken at the DJ booth. The 3rd Saturday of every month will be the Original Scumbags night playing everything from Dre to Sikth and plenty of stuff inbetween, fifties to the noughties.


Word on the grapevine is Liquid are thinking of hosting a regular Rock night down King Street.

No concrete details as yet however it’s a possibility that it will be in direct competition with Maximes for Friday nights, however I find this highly unlikely.

Scumbag DJs have been approached by someone on the inside however so fingers crossed. We’ll have to wait and see.

New DJ night tomorrow

June 6, 2008

Well we’re just preparing for our new slot at the Tudor tommorow.

It has been decided following the success of the 90’s night on 17-5-08 that one of our two slots shall be wholly dedicated to the 90’s era, while this may seem limiting we are sure that you lot can remember some quality songs that you’d like to hear again.

Scumbag DJs residency at The Tudor House Hotel in Wigan has now been extended to The 1st AND 3rd Saturday of every month.

It’s a night of merriment and mirth, consisting of Motown, Northern Soul, Rock, Indie, Breakbeat, Electronic, Hip Hop, Dirty D&B, 80’s & 90’s Cheese, Funk, Reggae, in fact everything that is good in the world!

3 DJ’s, 3 different styles, 1 common goal……… to provide you with a night that you all will enjoy

9:30 pm til late, requests welcome….. as long as the music you suggest isn’t offensive to our ear-holes